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Amanda Greenwood is content manager of Business Travel iQ. She has been writing about the travel industry for more than eight years, first covering the B2B leisure sector before moving into the business travel world. As well as being a trained journalist Amanda is well-skilled in using social media, working across LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for both BTiQ and in her voluntary work.

Tell us a little about your travel history, how long have you been working in the industry?

I’ve been writing about the travel industry for more than eight years. First I was editor of Travel Daily UK gathering news about the leisure B2B side of the sector before joining Business Travel iQ and the world of business travel procurement in 2015. 

Have you spoken at BT Summit before?

No but attended a few.

What topic are you speaking on?

I’ll be leading a discussion on what the future business traveller could look like (and maybe traveller centricity).

What is the key issues facing this theme/topic right now?

Personalisation, traveller centricity and technology place a large part.Travel programmes are already adapting but may need to go even further for new workforces. Will travellers expect better or different technology to what is currently provided? What does that mean for the types of suppliers that will be needed?

What major change can we expect on this topic in the next 5 years?

If buyers can invest in really looking into data in dashboards and displays that look to the future there’s a real opportunity to improve trip satisfaction and personalise trips, which travellers will appreciate. But companies will approach this different ways, some already are.

Why is it important for delegates to attend your session?

Appealing to young travellers fits in with business ideals of being agile, moving quickly and digitalisation. Hopefully we can share ideas that help travel programmes slot into these.

Why did you choose to speak at BT Summit?

As the content manager of Business Travel iQ it’s a pleasure to be involved in leading this discussion.

And finally…. Tell us something surprising about yourself

I’m a volunteer member of a committee that keeps the Christmas lights display and street fair running in our town.